Silly, but good

Very few songs manage to be simultaneously silly and worth listening to.  In the niche category of “silly, but good”, here are some long-time fav oddities. Just noticed how many of them are from the 196os / 70s. That figures. Not much silliness in popular culture nowadays. Here we go: —————————————————————————————————— Nervous Norvus‘ The FangContinue reading “Silly, but good”

Pumping patriotism

British government ministers are taking environmental advice from a business leader whose company was fined millions for pumping sewage into British waters. These scoundrels exist in all countries. Invariably, these are the type of people who wave national flags in a performative manner, and accuse their political opponents of “lacking patriotism”. I merely offer aContinue reading “Pumping patriotism”

Is Taylor Swift Our Greatest Living Poet?

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the jaw-dropping title of a recent BBC podcast. There is a species of pop-cultural revisionism, put about by arrogant white millennial women who are very lightly-informed about pop and rock before they were born, that “strong women in pop” started in the 1990s with so-called “girl-power” bands etc.  (Big MamaContinue reading “Is Taylor Swift Our Greatest Living Poet?”