See my 2018 mail below for a quick comment on the relationship between Brexit and British car manufacturing.   And see news article today: “British car factories will be forced to close with the loss of thousands of jobs if the government does not renegotiate its Brexit deal immediately, car maker Stellantis warned today.  StellantisContinue reading “Kakistocracy”

Ireland was Britain’s imperial laboratory

The plantation of Ulster was incomplete by design. Divide and conquer. We’re all mere pawns in a bigger game, folks; living out pre-determined mindsets. Britain could (one imagines without too much difficulty) simply have ethnically cleansed the entirety of Ulster of its existing inhabitants and sent many more of my lot to Connacht. Instead, BritainContinue reading “Ireland was Britain’s imperial laboratory”

The Cramps

I’ve written before about ’70s/’80s punkabilly band The Cramps. I always loved their sound, and their attitude. I like them so much, and the post-war US cultural ideal that they represent, that I keep a Cramps sticker on my car: But The Cramps would give a modern-day wokester Puritan cultural nightmares. Look at some ofContinue reading “The Cramps”

Silly, but good

Very few songs manage to be simultaneously silly and worth listening to.  In the niche category of “silly, but good”, here are some long-time fav oddities. Just noticed how many of them are from the 196os / 70s. That figures. Not much silliness in popular culture nowadays. Here we go: —————————————————————————————————— Nervous Norvus‘ The FangContinue reading “Silly, but good”

Pumping patriotism

British government ministers are taking environmental advice from a business leader whose company was fined millions for pumping sewage into British waters. These scoundrels exist in all countries. Invariably, these are the type of people who wave national flags in a performative manner, and accuse their political opponents of “lacking patriotism”. I merely offer aContinue reading “Pumping patriotism”