Why Gina Miller’s Brexit case was necessary

Another day, another unintelligent article by The Daily Telegraph. In this <article>, Camilla Tominey says that there was nothing “fair” about Gina Miller’s 2017 <Brexit case>. It was of course an entirely fair case, and a very necessary intervention – that is, if you care about the principle of parliamentary sovereignty.  Miller saved British parliamentaryContinue reading “Why Gina Miller’s Brexit case was necessary”

Anti-vaccine freedom fighters

It’s hiding in plain sight. The link between xenophobia, racism and the anti-vaccer mentality. Novax Jokeovic, tennis player, and well-known anti-vaccer <hangs out with violent Serbian nationalists>. Remainers are <more likely to get a jab than leavers>. “The anti-vax movement has, in short, become a magnet for people engaged in anti-truth and anti-science politics, andContinue reading “Anti-vaccine freedom fighters”

The Great Brexit Immigration U-Turn: vote Brexit for more immigrants!

In the run-up to the 2016 Brexit vote, the Brexiters, realising that they were losing the economic argument badly, played the racist card heavily. It worked. Elderly people in my village asked me about “when the Turks were coming“: I could fill 100 pages with such images – prior to the Brexit vote, the BritishContinue reading “The Great Brexit Immigration U-Turn: vote Brexit for more immigrants!”

“A pint of lies, mate, whatever you’re having yourself”

The pint is back!  The nasty pint-banning EU has been defeated, and all is well in Brexit land!  See the predictable headlines: In 2013, an OECD Report found that, in Britain, literacy and numeracy was much higher in the 55-64 age group than it was in the 16-24 age group.  That may explain why soContinue reading ““A pint of lies, mate, whatever you’re having yourself””

The Cramps

It’s relatively easy to find serious artists, or frivolous ones. I appreciate art which holds both aspects in suspension, without becoming fully either.  That duality is very hard to find. Tom Waits has it, of course.  However, posibly the foremost exponent of rock music which combined silliness and depth in that way was Ohio’s finestContinue reading “The Cramps”