They hadn’t invented self-pity yet:

Interviewer, in 1981, asks bloke with polio what barriers and problems his condition created for him. Were it someone similar being interviewed today, there’d be an avalanche of self-important self-pity, a litany of micro-aggressions and a diatribe about able-bodied privilege. Listen to Ian:

Brexiters blame the French for Brexit (again)

The Sanford Health website <notes that>: Children 5-8 years of age will often push blame to another person in order to avoid negative feelings and conflict. It is important to understand this behavior and what you can do to encourage your child’s self-responsibility. The page contains a few tips for managing such behaviour, but notesContinue reading “Brexiters blame the French for Brexit (again)”


I’ve often noted how, in previous eras, <pop music was tribal>. When you were into a band, the sound was always political. And you could also easily discern the politics in a haircut or a garment. At extreme levels, this is not too difficult, of course: At our local disco when I was a kid,Continue reading “Tribal”

A Russian hero

He even made <room for the cat>. All ordinary people, ordinary decent lives shot to hell at the whim of a short-assed insecure land-grabbing psycho thief with a string of failed relationships behind him. All people who want to be leaders are a little mad in the head I think, especially nowadays. I mean, leaderContinue reading “A Russian hero”