Cults (ii)

Brexit is a lie, fuelled by lies.  They even printed their lies on a big red bus.  Boris Johnson came to power on the back of peddling a Brexit lie.  Peddle the lie, get into power; then, faced with the manifest absurdity of the lived reality of your daft Brexit manifesto, slam on the policyContinue reading “Cults (ii)”

Cults (i)

“I also think it’s crucial that people are in the office for part of the time otherwise we lose that camaraderie, the bonding that you get from a team of people working on something.” Taken from this <article>. “With more people than ever working from home, it’s a big challenge for companies to build aContinue reading “Cults (i)”

Obsolete things

Offices: <“… Companies now have mobile apps and e-commerce platforms for customers to order anytime, anywhere, instead of before the doors close at five o’clock at the brick-and-mortar shop of days gone by. Why can’t companies think the same way about their employees?“> <“She calls face time “a mirage, the symbolic appearance of working (goingContinue reading “Obsolete things”

A career in politics? Being an idiot helps

In the social media age of individual “truths” and consensus bubbles for the weak-minded and make-up-your-own facts to suit your mental health issues, it’s a truism to note that being an idiot who talks shite nowadays is no impediment to participating in politics. Remember Lord Frost, failed whiskey salesman and useless Brexit spoofer who ranContinue reading “A career in politics? Being an idiot helps”