Trump’s 2024 Manifesto

Donald “Traitor” Trump has 2 big policy goals:

1. Give Ukraine to Putin; and
2. Withdraw from NATO.

He’s just said so. You don’t need to be especially adept at reading between lines.

Never was the need for a united European army more obvious – the idea that Russia and China will leave us alone and behave honourably if we appeal to their sense of honour is startlingly naive, given the type of dudes at the helm in both countries. But that pious hand-wringing naivety seems to be the extent of post-NATO thinking in Europe.

The irony of a bloke who has cheated on all of his wives talking about “the collapse of the nuclear family.

The irony of a bloke who has fomented division at every turn talking about “horrible, USA-hating people“. 

Trump hates any version of America that is democratic, that operates to the rule of law, and that offers black people a fair deal.  He hates America as it is, and his vision for America is something very different than that we’re all used to.

Permanent white minority rule as part of a global coalition of despots is what he wants, with permanently rigged elections. 

A majority of Trump voters are now in favour of splitting up America

Some of them want to set up a whites-only state in Idaho, the “American Redoubt”

If that isn’t “hating America“, I don’t know what is.  

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