Through a glass darkly

In its first ever <report> on global trends for adolescent physical activity, the UN health agency stressed that urgent action was needed to get teens off their screens and moving more.

“We absolutely need to do more or we will be looking at a very bleak health picture for these adolescents,” study co-author Leanne Riley told journalists ahead of the launch.

In Top Gear Magazine recently, Chris Harris noted how, if you see someone driving in a hurry, they’re generally older drivers, aged at least 35 or 40+.  Apart from a diminishing car culture subset of rural young people, the vast majority of young people, by contrast, drive very slowly in their Polos, chilling.  Driving has always been crap for them and they have no expectation of anything better or faster.  Harris notes ruefully that the only thing speed-related that young people get exercised about is if the wifi isn’t fast enough …

3 photos illustrate the point:

Young people in 1963:

Kids in the 1980s:

Young people in 2019:

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