The new apartheid

1964 – black and white students call for more integrated education in New York

The above picture could not, would not, happen today. Nowadays, everyone wants apartheid. Of course, they call it “safe spaces”, but it’s essentially the same discredited idea, namely, that it is better to divide people on racial or sexual grounds.

This is a sad and slightly-annoying <report> about a black cyclist being hassled by cops in London.

Clearly, the cop hassling the guy for no reason is a prick, and you could see why the lad would be well pissed off about such petty incidents.

However, in response to racist behaviour by the police, he then leaves his mixed race cycling club and sets up a single race cycling club.

How is that a fair or rational response?  It wasn’t a white cycle club that hassled him! Sure, there’s safety in numbers, but safety in numbers works regardless of the colour of your fellow club members.

He says that cycling is white dominated, but, to be frank, that’s not the fault of white cyclists.  It’s more to do with the reluctance of black cyclists to mingle socially with white cyclists.  The silly, and self-pitying assumption is that the white cyclists are as bad as the cops.  That’s nonsense. Most cycling clubs will be delighted by new members, regardless of race or background.  It’s an extreme sport.  When your legs are burning and your lungs are on fire struggling up your tenth hill of the day, there isn’t much time or inclination to give a fig about skin colour.

I knew Irish people in London who thought just like that black lad. They would admit to me that they “weren’t comfortable” being surrounded by raucous East End English lads or by braying Oxbridge toffs, and so they self-isolated in various little Irish bubbles in London, e.g., Irish pubs in Camden where you’d be more likely to hear a Mayo accent than a London one.  Ah, safe.  Little narrow-minded cowards, frankly.

Let’s un-pack this rubbish – an Irish bloke who confesses to “not being comfortable” is de facto (without realising it) confessing to being ever-so-slightly racist. You can be economically powerless and racist just as you can be economically powerful and racist.

I always had total contempt for the narrow-minded mono-culturalism, the cowardice, the creeping racism, and the unconscious fear of difference that underpins such negative mindsets.

I came from an Irish Republican family, and I had, and still have, more strongly-held Republican views than most Irish people I ever met in London.  Yet I happily, and deliberately, sought out the English socially wherever I could. I just thought there was something very sad about being in a big fast city like London and spending all your time avoiding the locals.  FFS!  And I had a great time, and never had any problems whatsoever.

The Brits are among the soundest people you could ever meet, and great crack – just give them a chance, and, crucially, lose your self-pity and your tedious oppression narrative.  You must seek to have an identity beyond an oppression narrative.  That sort of thinking is a trap.  Everyone loves to feel self-righteous occasionally, but as a mindset for living and for personal growth, it’s a disaster – it’s a recipe for bitterness and failure.

In general, the desire to isolate with people who are exactly like you stems from a deep-seated lack of intellectual self-confidence.  I walked past Cromwell’s statue on many occasions.  Unlike today’s sensitive woke snowflakes, I didn’t evaporate.  It’s history ffs.  Move on.

It’s ironic.  In the 60s, minority communities, quite rightly, wanted to join groups or institutions etc, and to take up their rightful place.  A club or building with a “Blacks Only” sign was a mark of shame, of social backwardness.

Nowadays, with all this narcissistic, thin-skinned, micro-aggression, oppression-Olympics, woke navel-gazing, “Blacks Only” is the new thing.  Black people increasingly are opting for a form of voluntary apartheid that their parents and grandparents fought to eradicate.

I find it depressing.  The PC myth nowadays is that people on the receiving end of petty racism cannot themselves be racist.

Black cyclists looking to form blacks-only clubs are as instinctively racist as those white racists who are hassling them. Their response to being excluded is to – exclude.

You can draw interesting parallels with the metoo lot, and their starting point that women lack agency and need always to be protected. In essence, their “thinking” has regressed to a restrictive Victorian prejudice wherein women are sort of useless and need continual

And the irony is that they believe that they’re progressive …

In America, The National Association of Scholars released a 2019 study documenting the rise of voluntary racial segregation on nearly 200 college campuses.

The 216-page report is the result of two years of research. It documents 173 colleges and universities that offer a wide variety of voluntarily segregated programmes, such as clubs, meetings, freshman orientations, housing and grad ceremonies.

What we found was that neo-segregation is widespread if not pervasive. About 46 percent (80 colleges out of 173 surveyed) segregate student orientation programs; 45 percent (75 colleges out of the total) offer segregated residential arrangements; and 72 percent (125 colleges out of the total) segregate graduation ceremonies

Report <here>.

I’ve long thought that religious instincts are as much biological as theological; and when, for reasons of cultural fashion, established religions fall out of favour, that instinct will manifest itself in secular religions.  These days, that’s mainly in the new churches of anti-sexism and anti-racism.  In the 60s and 70s, with the likes of King and Greer in the ascendancy, combatting racism and sexism was done via thoughtful politics and rationality. Nowadays, in either, instead of rationality and calls for concrete (i.e., legislative) change, there is the mass reprising of the
religious doctrine of original (congenital) sin; or blood guilt.

It’s standard stuff nowadays to assert (for instance) that men are ineluctably sexist and that whites are intrinsically racist; and that an individual bloke or white person is sexist or racist *even when they individually might not be so*.  To preserve the purity of the ideology that “all whites /
all men are bad”, there are 2 standard ways to deem you as racist or sexist even when such epithets might reasonably be news to you:

1. Even if you’ve never had a racist thought or carried out a racist or sexist deed, you’re still racist or sexist because you personally haven’t done enough to prevent other people from being racist or sexist.

2. In any event, your view that you are not racist or sexist is a conceit deriving from your ignorance.  You’re being sexist and racist all the time, because no man can empathise with women’s experiences and no white can empathise with black people’s experience. Meaningful empathy is an impossibility; and you’re in reality pretty sexist and racist; and, to boot, are too dumb to realise the true extent of your various iniquities.

It’s that well-known quote from the late MA film maker, Albert Maysles
— ‘Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance‘.   

It’s not in my view possible to engage constructively with modern feminists in 2020. Nuance, accommodation, doubt – all off the agenda, permanently.  They shelter behind a mental construct which admits no doubt or nuance. You’re in or out.  We’re right and they’re wrong.  We alone have the truth.  Anyone who disagrees with us hasn’t seen the light; false consciousness, privilege etc.  Reality is that there have been too many average and dull minds at colleges nowadays.  They have the lawnmowers of intellect, but the grass of their minds never grows …

They’re not intellectuals, like Greer.  I disagree deeply with Greer about lots of stuff; but I still always warmed to her, regardless.  I felt she liked men and disliked sexism and was a woman of principle. The modern lot, I feel they’re largely losers who just dislike men instinctively (and chant vapid slogans as if they were rosaries).

I’m not as pessimistic about race.  There are plenty of idiots arguing, for instance, that black people cannot be racist, even if they don’t like whites.  Straight out of the 4th wave feminism mental playbook.  However, class alone will ensure a far greater diversity of black voices.  Modern feminism is largely young, educated white westerners.

The notion of collective guilt is just the old original sin stuff wearing secular clothes.  It was mental tyranny from churches then, and mind-games it remains; but I spit on such secular superstitions.

For instance, I know for a fact that my paternal family lost most of their land; and fled to the bogs and moors where I grew up. Where they were tolerated because the land was poor quality.  I know for a fact that, in 1882, when my maternal great-great grandfather died, the next day, the English landowner who held residual title to his farmlands sent out his henchmen, armed with chains. Ignoring the futile protests of his distraught widow and frightened family, they “chained off” the better sections of his farm and awarded them to his Unionist neighbours.  They still hold that land today; I could show you the fields that were stolen.

But I do not for one second think that I have any business going back now and accusing my decent Unionist neighbours of “collective guilt” and that I’m “owed” anything. What an embarrassing and pitiful idea.

Quite apart from the legal absurdities inherent in any such claim after so much time has elapsed, in that victimhood mindset lies the road to perpetual psychological dependency.

Re professional victimhood, I saw an <RTÉ archive clip from 1985>, documenting the experiences of Irish emigrants in London.  It’s not a bad clip, but it is skewed.

It presents London as being some sort of problem for Irish people of that era.  Crap.  I lived in England from 1991, a mere 6 years later, and I never had the slightest issue.  And when I was in London, I deliberately ignored all the Irish haunts.  If you have the confidence to meet the English with your head up and have a laugh together, you’ll be made very welcome.  If you have a chip on your shoulder and you hide away with other sentimental Irish losers, well, you’ll have a very different, and very narrow, experience.

It pisses me off that the loser emigrants, all the ones who couldn’t stand on their own two feet mentally, get all the PC coverage; whereas people like me, who had no issues whatsoever, are airbrushed out of the narrative.

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