The Great Brexit Immigration U-Turn: vote Brexit for more immigrants!

In the run-up to the 2016 Brexit vote, the Brexiters, realising that they were losing the economic argument badly, played the racist card heavily. It worked. Elderly people in my village asked me about “when the Turks were coming“:

The Turkey scare story, was, of course, a lie – Turkey is not a member of the EU

Farage’s infamous poster. The refugees depicted are Syrian, and have nothing to do with the EU, but that didn’t matter.
At the time, sharp-eyed observers noticed the similarites between Farage’s Brexit poster and Nazi anti-immigration propaganda from decades earlier.
Naturally, the immigrants pictured had nothing to do with the EU, being from Iraq and Kuwait.

I could fill 100 pages with such images – prior to the Brexit vote, the British “media” was a cess-pit of racist scaremongering.

It worked.

Meantime, now that Britain has taken back control, what’s the first thing it’s doing in order to wheedle a small trade deal out of India?

Why, offering to let in lots of Indian immigrants as part of the deal:

You could barely make this stuff up. Obviously, Britain’s Brexiter PR rags aka “media” are saying remarkably little about this latest Brexiter u-turn.

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