An old crackly 78 from 100 years ago

I heard this the other night on Dandelion Radio.

It’s an old shellac 78; pre-vinyl, so pre-WWII at least.

It’s by an choral group called Ukrainian Chorus, and the song is called Ukraine We Will Free.

The tone is exemplary – no sentimentality, no posturing.

Just dignified, spiritual, and resolute. There is something of the devotional quality of JS Bach’s Mass in B minor in this, and something of the dignity of Paul Robeson.

It really is exceptional.

I couldn’t track it down, but the DJ on Dandelion very kindly sent me the download link; and I’ve uploaded the MP3 here:

The Ukrainians have been dealing with Russian imperialism for centuries. Taras Shevchenko was writing about murderous Russian imperialism in Ukraine over <170 years ago>; and we all know, or ought to know, about Stalin’s Holodomor.

The Ukrainians need money, long-life food and medicines. They also need more ammo, but let’s just send them what we can.

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