A career in politics? Being an idiot helps

Carrying no briefcase (since he never does any work), Mr. Frost grins as he hastens away from Downing Street, back to the warm embrace of the Daily Telegraph, where an ability to talk unrealistic shite all day long is viewed as a career

In the social media age of individual “truths” and consensus bubbles for the weak-minded and make-up-your-own facts to suit your mental health issues, it’s a truism to note that being an idiot who talks shite nowadays is no impediment to participating in politics.

Remember Lord Frost, failed whiskey salesman and useless Brexit spoofer who ran away from his last “job” as Brexit “negotiator”?

Good <article> on the dickhead, by Lord Adonis:

I never thought Lord Frost would last long. Sitting directly opposite him and questioning him in the House of Lords for his 10 months as Brexit minister, I was most struck by his petrified shiftiness. He never once looked me in the eye, just nervously recited Brexit platitudes which he had to read out haltingly from a big red binder because he couldn’t even remember them properly.

Now he has turned Brutus to Caesar, just like Dominic Cummings. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them plotted his departure together, along with that Maoist resignation letter bemoaning that the Brexit revolution is failing because it isn’t revolutionary enough.” 

Now here he is again, spoofing on in a major broadsheet, under the headline about how to <“pull Britain back from the brink“.>

The usual theme of the Brexit-y hero riding to the rescue, yet again.

Then you read the actual article.

Long on rhetoric, desperately short on anything resembling an actual idea. 

Sums up Frostie the no-man alright; his lack of anything resembling a plan which reflected reality was the primary reason why he cut and ran from his last Brexit position.

In previous times, an all-talk, no-walk, moron like this would have had no credibility whatsoever.

But in 2022, being a useless spoofing bollocks is no impediment to your continuing participation in politics or in punditry.

You were in power, mate. You had your chance. You were firing blanks. Your political loins are barren of ideas. You ran away.  You ducked out.  You fucked up. You failed.

STFU, you deluded loser. 

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