Cults (ii)

Brexit is a lie, fuelled by lies.  They even printed their lies on a big red bus.  Boris Johnson came to power on the back of peddling a Brexit lie.  Peddle the lie, get into power; then, faced with the manifest absurdity of the lived reality of your daft Brexit manifesto, slam on the policy brakes and do a U-turn. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to figure out what would happen next. 

Brexiters remind me of old-style Western commies – despite all evidence that the reality of Communism was a quasi-fascist dystopia, yer average Western Commie fan would never admit that there was anything unworkable about Communism itself.  “No”, they would cry, “the reason communism didn’t work in [name any Communist country] was because the people in charge of implementing it were not pure enough, didn’t believe enough, didn’t try hard enough –  because had they done so, then surely utopia would have been ours”. 

There is no catalogue of Communism’s failings long enough to disabuse such deluded zealots of their ideological fixation.

Brexit is of course an ideology of the nationalist right, but its Bre-liever adherents display much of the same unwavering faith:

The Brexit vote afforded an extraordinary opportunity to reform Britain’s sclerotic institutions, and steer us out of the state’s ongoing death spiral.”

See at <link>.

Like all unstable people, Brexiters are prone to catastrophising – Britain doesn’t just need a bit of nip and tuck and steady as she goes; oh no, Britain is, wait for it, in a fucking “ongoing death spiral”. Which, of course, only Brexit can save. And anyone who doesn’t see that is an apostate who must be converted or attacked. Etc.

Nutters, the lot of them.

Hadn’t particularly noticed the death spiral bit myself, but good job that we have alert people to warn us about the end of the world, which will of course happen any day soon, unless you change your beliefs to my beliefs …

You can see the little wheels turning in the heads of the gnashing faithful – oh no!  the great Brexit spaceship has landed, and everything is still a bit sh1t.  In fact, it’s getting worse, and we even had a clown whose job is was to root around in the undergrowth, looking for any Brexity truffles.  Unable to find any, he had to resort to pleading with readers of a well-known tabloid to send home some good news, any good news, about Brexit, as he patently was unable to see any benefits in Brexit himself. See at <link>.

And how absurd, that the “Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government efficiency” (the very name sounds like something out an Orwellian spoof), then announced that to fully implement Brexit, the very thing that he had campaigned for, would be “an act of self harm”.  See at <link>. This of course was the same prominent Brexiter, who after the Brexit vote, promptly moved a chunk of his business to the EU. See at <link>. :

Gnash on Bre-lievers, we await the next chapter in the Glorious Brexit Revolution with gleeful interest; and we can already predict the inevitable blame that will attach to the next ambitious unfortunate who “fails to live up to the boundless promise of Brexit” lol

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