A Russian hero

He even made <room for the cat>.

All ordinary people, ordinary decent lives shot to hell at the whim of a short-assed insecure land-grabbing psycho thief with a string of failed relationships behind him.

All people who want to be leaders are a little mad in the head I think, especially nowadays.

I mean, leader of a party or of a country – what an utterly miserable job.  You literally couldn’t pay me to do it.

The dry nature of my legal work means that I live in a counter-cultural bubble, where facts, logic, the rule of law and the bottom line always are decisive considerations.

What somebody “feels” is irelevant.     

Whereas, in the Internet tower of babel age, lies, febrile irrationality and narcissism is the order of the day.

What somebody “feels” is the only thing that matters.        

Essentially, nowadays, you’d spend half your time trying to reason with people who are deeply stupid, deeply insecure – and, in consequence, utterly convinced of their unassailable rectitude, and always on the verge of anger. 

Who in their right mind would want to do that? 

I love a good old argument; but few nowadays even know how to argue, it’s become a micro-aggression lol – everyone retreats to their poxy safe spaces.    

Mind you, I’d be out in a month anyway, for saying something non-woke lol.  

See in England, for the Tory party fallout, one bloke, Wallace, had been tipped as a favourite, and he’s said he doesn’t even want the job.

Which probably means he’s exactly the kind of person who should be doing it.

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