More Brexit freedoms on the way

So much for cutting red tape lol – Brexiters now proposing <number plates for bicycles>.

Presumably, all cyclists will now need to be fitted with compulsory speedometers, or people will be required to carry expensive GPS trackers on their handlebars.  Otherwise, how would you now what speed you were doing?  If you’re using an app, you only see your speed etc. stats at the end of a ride, not during.  

Further, while an average cyclist can get past 20mph briefly, out on the open road (hills, potholes, tiredness, headwinds), most run-of-the-mill cyclists will not sustain 20mph+ speeds for long, so this is pretty daft.  

Further, crashing into a pedestrian at 12mph will injure them anyway, so, logically, all cyclists should be below 10mph.  

If this lad had half the brains he was born with, he’d propose something like the <Idaho stop law>.

Consistently, at red lights in an urban setting on a bicycle, it’s much safer for cyclists to treat them a yield – pause and go.  You’re already in tight on your own side, and, unlike a car, are not obstructing other cars turning in anyway; and, on an uphill stop, it’s dangerous to have to wait until lights changes, as there’s always the possibility of a jerk in a battery car, massive torque and distracted with their massive screens, driving over the top of you, as you will never be as quick away from the lights.

Crashes and cycling-related injuries reduced significanly in Idaho when they wised up and introduced this change.  

Nobody in authority / officialdom gets this though.  Blind adherence to rules desiged for trucks, buses and cars, driven by a mix of stupidity and cultural dislike of 2-wheeled road users.  

I guess based on his “reasoning”, all people out doing a road run will need numberplates and insurance as well, in case they barge into somebody.

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