America’s descent

Thankfully, in Ireland or Britain, it is difficult to conceive of a reality where senior political figures and / or the son of a previous President or Prime Minister would be gloating, openly and crudely, about a potentially-murderous attack on the elderly husband of a political rival.

It reveals how far America has fallen that nobody is any longer surprised by that level of thuggery being on open display in the US.

This next image was part of a Trump-inspired culture of violence against political opponents:

No surprises then that, in response to such incessant promptings, Pelosi’s elderly husband was beaten up by a covid-denying, vaccine-denying Trump fan who believes the last election was stolen.

Trump’s dumb, scum-bag son then mocked the attack on Twitter, and, despite the fact that the MAGA thug concerned has been arrested at the scene, tried to refer to a conspiracy theory among Trump’s nut-job supporters that Pelosi was in fact beaten up by a gay prostitute:

Sniggering at murderous attacks on political opponents?

The Atlantic magazine, rightly, noted that this unsavoury episode marked “a new level of depravity in the GOP“; the fact that “a parade of Republicans somehow think that an unhinged, hammer-wielding intruder putting an old man in the ICU is funny.”

No wonder the Trump fans love the fascist in the Kremlin – the similarities between them are all too obvious.

One genuinely wonders if the US will survive.

If a country’s polity has degenerated so much that the previous President’s son is openly and crudely gloating at a murderous attack on the husband of a political opponent, can one say that there even is a “United States” any more?

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