Most flying is un-necessary

In 2023, most business travel is entirely un-necessary.

Much of it is blokes flying abroad to sit in a room and have a PowerPoint read to them by people they already know, and have already met in person.  It made sense to do this. In the 1990s. (Just as it used to make sense to start your car with a starting handle.)

Bored Room

That same PowerPoint had been e-mailed to them several days previously, and the entire thing could have been done over Teams, or Zoom. 

Business travel is largely un-necessary junketing, and it’s driven by middle-class alcoholics who want to get drunk without family scrutiny, or middle-class philanderers who want to bang the admin staff. 

Useful perhaps when meeting a key customer or JV co-venturer or investor for the first time, of course, but most business meetings are routine ones, between people who already know each other.  Colossal waste of time, fuel and money. 

Ditto for mass tourism – lots of xenophobic plebs jetting off to get trolleyed and stay in complexes with people from their own country.  


Build them a big complex with cheap booze and lots of sun-lamps, and they’d be just as happy.   

Introduce individualised flight quotas (for holidays, for business, and for family purposes), and tax anyone who goes over. 

If it means Ryanair goes bust, well that’s only an added bonus. 

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