Your thoughts on senicide?

Currently, the UK is <considering legislating> to make it legal to kill off unproductive people, notably the old and the sick and those in terminal pain.

This is an instance where a law’s primary importance is its role as a cultural catalyst in the post-Christian West’s reversion to its former death culture. I’ve helped care for relatives before their deaths. As anyone who has experience of such caring knows well, DNR and DNF notices are commonplace when someone is approaching the end. That is, de facto, assisted dying already exists. It’s just that there is not a culture of encouraging it. Legislating for it will have a powerful <cultural effect>. For instance, in a related context, abortion always sells itself by reference to the hard cases of rape, likely major birth defects and risk to the health of the Mother; yet the majority of abortions are not done for such reasons, but are done for reasons of convenience or poverty. Similarly, while the incurable pain narrative will loom large in the euthanasia debate, the unintended reality will be vulnerable elderly people (who aren’t in unbearable pain) being murdered by lazy and greedy younger relatives.

Face facts, folks. Humans aren’t generally sufficiently noble to withstand the temptations and opportunities of state-sanctioned senicide, and you may be a little naive if you think otherwise.

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