The tyranny-tourism of the whinging Right


“<Tyranny>” yells Janice McGeachin, a Republican in Idaho.

“<Tyranny>”, fulminates the Daily Telegraph in England.

“<Tyranny>”, fumes rich rock singer.

A quick Google search for “tyranny masks” produced 3,170,000 results.

Seems like there’s a lot of “tyranny” going down in rich Western countries these days; how on earth are you hardened radical revolutionary mask heroes bearing up?

A bespectacled tyrant, recently, beside a freedom-lover with an orange face

Dear-oh-dear. Tyranny? Despotism? Are these clowns for real? Such overblown juvenile rhetoric. A tyrant, to most rational people, is Pol Pot, Stalin or Hitler. 

But to the anti-maskers, a tyrant is a mild-mannered bespectacled scientist asking us to wear a little mask now and again.

You know what’s really going on with all these dumb assholes?

Oppression envy.

All of these whinging muppets have one thing in common – none of them have ever known real oppression.

They’ve never had friends or family shot by government forces.

They’ve never had their house wrecked by government forces.

They’ve never been beaten up late at night by government forces.

When they trespass on Capitol Hill to further an anti-democratic coup on behalf of a fat orangutan, while committing criminal damage and trying to find folks to hang, they’re reasoned with, let pass, and only one is shot. In a tyranny, they’d all have been shot, long before they even got close to the building

In short, they know fuck all squared about tyranny. They lead comfortable lives.

At some barely-acknowledged level, whether as a result of elite over-production, or because they haven’t grown up, or because they’re thick as mince (or all 3), they have oppression envy.

Masks are their big chance to do some self-indulgent rebelism to give them that anti-authority frisson.

Tyranny tourism for entitled, whiney, first-world little shits.

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