Nigel Dodds has nothing to offer but violence

Leading hardline Brexiter, Lord Nigel Dodds, out doing his bit for cross-community harmony

Here, on planet earth, the head of N. Ireland’s biggest pharma company reports on how his company is doing well out of the “hated” Brexit Protocol:

Having spend four years preparing for Brexit, we’re finding the Protocol is pretty effective for us. We had some minor issues at the start, but otherwise there’s been no negative impact on our business.

Indeed we see the Protocol providing a good structure in being able to participate in both the UK market and in the EU. So we’re quite positive.

But we’re concerned at some of the rumblings around the potential triggering of Article 16.

Our European customers in particular are worried about continuity of supply, and if it happened, it would clearly give us a problem in the short term in terms of accessing our European customer base.”

Link <here>.

Meanwhile, back on planet DUPed, Lord Dodds is doing that old Unionist thing of only agreeing with democratically taken UK-wide decisions when it suits Unionism:

Every day that passes with the protocol in place is another day which sees Northern Ireland and Great Britain move further apart. This is unsustainable.

If the UK government can’t or won’t act, then unionism will and soon.”

Source <here>.

And we all know what Dodds means by “action” when UK democracy fails to do what Unionism tells it to do – see my blog entitled <“Why Unionism’s Brexiter’s Need Violence“>. (Also available in <French>).

Utterly deranged. It’ll soon be 2022, and this embittered and deluded WASP bigot still thinks that London must dance to Unionism’s 17th century tune. Not so much a tail wagging the dog, more like a pimple on the elephant’s backside mistaking itself for a latter-day Oracle of Delphi.

Utter clown, but a dangerous one. Innocent people die as a result of the rabble-rousing slabberings of yesterday’s men like Dodds.

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