A tale of 2 headlines:

Google search on “protocol”, 12 January 2022:

The DUP is a party with no discernible economic pulse, although it does contain members who <refuse to believe in dinosaurs>.

You can add your own quips folks.

Note though that poor Jeff is no longer attempting to run with the fiction that the Brexit protocol is a bad deal for the North of Ireland – his line now is that it’s constitutionally divisive for the UK.

His problem is he’s appealing to a bunch of English nationalists. The Tory party English Brexiters simply do not care about any union, EU or UK – their loyalty is to Brexit, and to England.

Of course they’ll still listen politely to him, for old time’s sake – they’re all old enough to have a common, residual hatred of Irish Republicanism, and old hatreds die hard.

But when UK pull comes to Brexit shove, the various Celtic pimples on the buccaneering English backside can fester all they like. That UK ship weighed anchor on 23 June 2016.

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