Anti-vaccine freedom fighters

The cool person’s passport

It’s hiding in plain sight.

The link between xenophobia, racism and the anti-vaccer mentality.

Novax Jokeovic, tennis player, and well-known anti-vaccer <hangs out with violent Serbian nationalists>. Remainers are <more likely to get a jab than leavers>.

The anti-vax movement has, in short, become a magnet for people engaged in anti-truth and anti-science politics, and an open conduit to the extreme right.” See <link>.

For many years, various countries have refused entry to travellers who cannot show proof of medication / vaccination for e.g., malaria, meningitis, yellow fever etc.

Did the covid freedom fighters miss those great injustices – or do they only get excited about covid vaccines?   

Selective / opportunistic outrage? Or, given how xenophobic and narrow-minded they tend to be, perhaps the banal truth is that most anti-vaccers have never travelled anywhere needing a jab in the first place.

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