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After Brexit, proud Brexiter Mr. Jacob Rees Mogg’s Somerset Capital Management firm promptly repatriated a large amount of capital to the EU (Dublin).

Actions always speak louder.

71% of British businesses surveyed this week state that <Brexit has damaged their businesses>. Rees Mogg is now reduced to appealing to Sun readers to give him good news stories about Brexit:

I remember Priti Patel on BBC Radio 4 in 2016, fulminating about “the EU regulations that were crippling British businesses“.

5 years later on, these bluffers still haven’t produced a single example of any such EU regulation. Embarrassingly for them, British businesses like EU regulations, seeing as how their main effect is to reduce red tape and make it simpler for British companies to sell their stuff in mainland Europe. But hey, as Mr. Johnson famously remarked, “fuck business” (when there are patriotic flags to be waved).

Brexiters are starring in their own anti-Brexit farce, and the Kool-Aid is being consumed by the gallon:

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