Life’s a

I’ve been going to Iceland since the turn of the century. At that time, when you ventured into the interior, you had the entire place to yourself. It’s one of my favourite places on earth.

Some pics of black beaches. You have to explain to people who haven’t been that “No, I did not use a filter, this is exactly what it looks like” – a straight shot with a cheap camera:

Took this circa 2001, Jökulsárlón beach, Iceland

Next two are of Reynisfjara Beach, taken in 2015. It’s the best-known of Iceland’s black beaches; it featured in Game of Thrones (apparently); and I spotted it also briefly in the Netflix series, Lost in Space:

And, by way of contrast, check out these photos, taken by a friend this week near his weekend house on the aptly-named First Encounter beach on Cape Cod, MA. Visually, they’re almost the positive to the foregoing negatives; yet are similarly moody. They’d also put you in humour of a frothy coffee or a pint:

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